Friday, November 5, 2010

Acts Of Kindness

This is something that I try to do often.  I monitor queries made in the message boards for my local area.  When something is posted that I might be able to help with, I will.  They don't have to be posting about names in my ancestry, as a matter of fact, they usually aren't.  I have access to Mass Vital Records up to 1915 and it only takes me a few minutes to do a search.

I recently helped a person that was trying to find Naturalization Records.  I responded to her query with the index records that she was looking for along with a link to ordering them.  She asked how I found it.  I told her my little trick on searching (which I will post later).  A couple of weeks later I received a message from her thanking me, I was right.

I am a true believer in "What goes around, comes around".  I am very thankful that there are other people out there that are willing to assist as well.  I recently discovered a death certificate for a family member in Manchester, NH.  It showed that he was killed in a train accident.  I thought that there could be a newspaper article.  I live about 1 1/2 hours away and I am limited on time during the day since I have to pick up after school.  I posted a query for that area and received a response from a wonderful women who went to the local library and found 2 articles on the accident.  She transcribed them for me and sent me copies of the original.  WOW, what an important discovery full of information!  Thank you again!!!

Help others in their research and don't be afraid to ask for help yourself!  Just remember, when you post a query, supply as much information as you can.  You never know where it may lead you.

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Cathy said...

I agree with you. It feels great when people help each other.

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